Winter Cyber CSA

Winter Cyber CSA - US $31.95 This product is Sold Out for the 2020 Harvest Season.

Subarashii Cyber CSA for Winter 2020-21

What’s the best recipe for a healthy New Year?   Enjoying fresh fruit as a snack or as part of a meal!  But not just any fruit: fresh Asian Pears. 

Full of vitamins, high in fiber and rich with lutein - this delicious combo of candy-like sweetness, cookie-style crunch and honey-rich juiciness - well, it’s hard to believe Asian Pears are healthful!

Take advantage of our Winter Cyber CSA special offer, now through early January (or while supplies last):

In the spirit of healthy & local eating for the New Year, via our Winter CSA program, we are offering free shipping. Please enter promo code: FreeShip2020 and click "apply code" when shopping.

Through our Subarashii Kudamono Winter CSA program, we welcome you to partake in a share of our farm.  Become part of the farm experience and receive local fruit during the chilly Winter months. CSA’s have been growing in popularity with farms all across the country. Winter CSA is your chance to reap the delicious rewards of this phenomenon via a twist on a traditional CSA via a late season, Winter CSA.

What is a CSA exactly?  It is a popular way for a consumer to purchase seasonal foods direct from a farm. Our Subarashii Cyber CSA is a particularly convenient program for those who live in urban areas and cannot get out to area farms to pick up their CSA share.  This is very handy during this often inclement time of year, let us bring the locally grown fruit experience to you without having to de-frost your car.

Your 'share' will contain 9 to 12 brown Asian Pears in a box (a total of 9 lbs of fruit) and will be automatically shipped the week of December 28th, 2020 or January 4th, 2021.  

If your taste buds enjoy "yellow" Asian Pears, please indicate your preference by saying "send yellow" when prompted to enter a gift message, or reply to us when you receive your order confirmation email. A box of yellow Asian Pears will contain 16 to 18 pieces of fruit (for a total of 9lbs).

Sweet Flash Sale: Dried Asian Pear Brownies!

Sweet Flash Sale: Dried Asian Pear Brownies!