Dried Asian Pears, 9 oz

medium sized package dried Asian Pears

9 oz package - Dried Asian Pears - US $13.95 (SKDP-9OZ)


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A delicious idea for healthy, sweet snacking anytime. 

Enjoy our all-natural, Gourmet Dried Asian Pears in our snack-friendly, nine-ounce package. Flavors of honey, date, white fig and toffee round out the enjoyment of this sweet & chewy dried fruit.

A clever twist on something special to add to a wedge of cheese or a topper for a lunchtime salad. Looking for a sweet & healthy gift idea for the dried fruit or trail mix fan? Or if you need a bag of 'candy' for a sweet tooth - this is a healthful go-to treat!

This size is also great to have handy in your briefcase, desk, purse, but especially perfect for school backpack or desk with its re-sealable bag. Tasty snacking for the student on the go.

Our dried Asian Pears are not only high in fiber, but they are also rich in lutein which is great for your eyes. All Natural and Gluten Free, our dried Asian Pears have no additives, preservatives, oils, or sugars added which makes our dried fruit an extra healthful experience. Visit our recipes page for tempting culinary ideas!

9 oz package = 13 servings.