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AsaJu Asian Pear Glyph: Asaju

Fruit Variety :: AsaJu

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

Our fabulous Harvest of Japanese Pear trees always begins with our distinctive Asaju Asian Pear, picked in early September, but often available through the holidays. This variety is suggestive of a light and crisp un-oaked Chardonnay, with notes of honeydew melon and plum. Its flavor will dance on your palate.

Asaju has a delicately crunchy texture reminiscent to a water chestnut, while still remaining juicy in character. This pear is enrobed in an elegant, Champagne-colored skin with russetting and dappling on its surface. The color of this pear is a gem-like quality, similar to Citrine.

The extraordinary skin on this pear is achieved through an intricate process. This is the exclusive variety that we individually slip into wax-lined bags each Spring while the fruit is still young on the Japanese Pear trees. The bag allows the Asaju fruit to develop its distinctive thin skin all Summer long as these masked pears bask in the sun. Hanging from our Japanese Pear trees, each Asaju pear develops a luminous, yellow finish.


JunoSan Asian Pear Glyph: JunoSan

Fruit Variety :: JunoSan

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

JunoSan Asan Pears are picked in Mid-September and throughout the entire harvest season. This Asian Pear has complex flavors ranging from Bartlett pears, Honeycrisp apples to Mandarin oranges, especially with the skin off. The taste of this Asian Pear also teams up two polar opposite flavor profiles: honey nut and top-shelf tequila, combining to make one exquisite pear to bite into.

Crisp on the outside like the crust of an Italian bread, it delicately exudes juiciness, which will amuse and refresh you.

Traditionally kumquat orange, this Asian Pear can surprise with decadent crème brulee crust-colored skin. Chunky yellow lentilcels(dots) decorate the skin, giving this Asian Pear the appearance of a caramel apple with crushed peanuts atop. Ranging in an array of sizes, it is typically a very squat pear in shape.

Add slices of JunoSan Asian Pear to a toasted brie and baguette sandwich, with a touch of spring mix lettuce for a light and healthy alternative.

New Pear Asian Pear Glyph: new pear

Fruit Variety :: New Pear

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

Scrumptious "New Pear" is available late September through early November. A bounty of flavors comprise this pear. If eaten with the skin on the pear opens up your taste buds like a summery white sangria or pinot grigio. Peeled you will recognize the zing of lemon and grapefruit laced with mellow golden raisin. This pear is a singular experience with its savory flesh.

New Pear, often called "947 variety," looks as if it has come from an artist’s palette. It is banana yellow, with luminous lemon sorbet base color and slight russetting. It has charming brown lentilcels(dots) and is a flawlessly round pear.

Adorn arugula and buffalo mozzarella salad with this yellow pear and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

EliSan Asian Pear Glyph: EliSan

Fruit Variety :: EliSan

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

This is one of our newer varieties of Asian Pears. We begin picking it in early to Mid-October, but in some harvest cycles, as early as Labor Day. Hints of kiwi and Granny Smith apple grace this enchanting fruit. You can reap the nutrients in the skin, as keeping it on will not alter the flavor. Bursting with juiciness, this variety will pleasantly surprise you with its crisp and firm texture. 

A dressed-down pear with its playfully rippled texture, EliSan has a personality all its own. Virbrant skin shows a beautiful bronzed autumn leaf color with a splash of green across its top. EliSan's short stature and coloration is almost reminiscent of a petite pumpkin.

Use this flavor-rich pear in a salsa for meat or fish. Perhaps use salmon, adorned with a sprig of Thyme.

AnaSan Asian Pear Glyph: AnaSan

Fruit Variety :: AnaSan

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

This variety of Asian Pear, available late September, has the delectable flavors of melon and spice and subtle aromas of green grass and rain. AnaSan's sweetness inspires thoughts of maple and simple syrups, and is almost like biting into a honeycomb. Eating this Asian Pear with the skin on will not alter its bountiful flavor. It is also has the texture and tremendous juiciness of a watermelon. AnaSan possesses soft and slightly tender flesh.

Bathed with a base coloring that reminds one of pumpkin pie or spaghetti squash, AnaSan sports pale yellow flecks. Its moderately smooth skin makes it enjoyable to touch. This variety is a rather globe-shaped pear, but it varies in size.

Turn luscious slices of this pear into an appetizer and serve with almonds, peanuts, cashews and even green martini olives. 


SuSan Asian Pear Glyph: SuSan

Fruit Variety :: SuSan

Available soon from our 2017 Harvest.

The patented SuSan variety Asian Pear is the last pick of the season: late October to early November. This Asian Pear will blissfully intoxicate you with its flavors of Port wine or Mead. Its honey-ed taste, combined with citrus and lingonberry, is a distinctive flavor you will remember. Incredibly firm flesh combined with sturdy skin reminiscent of an aged cheese wheel,  SuSan is best served with the skin removed.

The SuSan Asian Pear displays Autumnal oak leaf and wood coloring, sprinkled with large lentilcels (dots). Ovate and conical in shape, it almost mimics the shape of an Anjou pear. 

This pear holds its crunchiness after baking so it is perfect for an exceptional home-made pie. For a decadent touch, add crème fraiche.


LilySan Asian Pear Glyph: LilySan

Fruit Variety :: LilySan

Available soon from our 2017 Harvest.

Traditionally the last of our patented varieties to be picked during our harvest season during late October or early November, LilySan Asian Pear carries a milder, semi-sweet, clear, floral flavor.

It has deep brown, russetted skin with an unique patina and a smooth, wide, round shape.

LilySan also has a more supple flesh than any of our other pears. Because of its rich, fleshy texture, this pear is wonderful for baking or incorporating with meat dishes.

LilySan fans!  We had a very small harvest of this unique pear this season. This pear, known for its extreme girth, will only be available for purchase in "jumbo' size. 


Traditional Varieties

Hosui Asian Pear

Fruit Variety :: Hosui

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

We begin harvesting this traditional variety, Hosui Asian Pear in Mid-September. Hosui is characteristically sweet like Port wine, with dulcet tones of strawberry and coconut. It is playful on the palate with its rock candy undertones. Hosui in Japanese means “sweet water” and this Asian Pear certainly follows suit.

When bitten, it drips with sweet juice and has a loose cell structure, but still contrasts with pleasant crispness. Like the colors of the Fall season, this pear is displays a rich khaki, copper color.

Lose the carbs. Spread creamy and tangy goat cheese on a slice of sweet, crunchy Hosui, instead of a cracker. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

Yoinashi Asian Pear

Fruit Variety :: Yoinashi

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

The Yoinashi Asian Pear is harvested in late September to early October. The sweet Yoinashi variety possesses discernable hints of butterscotch. Its endless juiciness comes from a loose cell structure and slices of this pear are so soft, they will melt in your mouth.  Its watermelony juiciness will remind you of the warm Summer months (sweet accent during the cooler days of Winter). 

You might even need a bib to eat this pear! To complement its characteristic juiciness, Yoinashi has a regal, golden orange color and has smooth skin. This beauty is slightly oval and conical in shape.

Delectable alone, or for a healthy option; contrast crisp slices of Yoinashi with creamy Greek yogurt.

Niitaka Asian Pear

Fruit Variety :: Niitaka

Now available from our 2017 Harvest.

We begin harvesting this immensely refreshing Nittaka Asian Pear in mid to late October. This traditional variety has undertones of nuttiness that will remind you of the sweetness of almonds. An mélange of yam, honeydew melon and rose greet your palate upon tasting this pear with its skin on. After peeling you will taste hints of lush wisteria. This Asian Pear has a succulent quality thanks in part to it distinctive cell structure .

Often a more cashew color, this Asian Pear's skin can occasionally exhibit red rose undertones, but always has a copper sheen. Your fingertips will sense a touch of velvet upon holding this pear. Niitaka Asian Pear, which originated in Japan, is a fruit with a distinctive peaked shape, like Mt. Fuji.

Melt Gruyere cheese or Smoked Gouda over these precious pear wedges. Serve with roasted garlic.

Atago Asian Pear

Fruit Variety :: Atago

Available soon from our 2017 Harvest.

Often heart-shaped, this traditional Asian Pear is exceptionally flavorful. This juicy fruit is rich with subtle tropical flavors of mango, kiwi, and passion fruit, as well as, hints of citrus and melon.

Ripening late in the season, Atago has a lovely caramel-colored skin. It is also known for its wonderfully refreshing crunch when you bite into a slice.

We typically begin picking this majestic-sized pear in mid-to-late October through early November. 

Enjoy Atago Asian Pear as a center-piece on your holiday table.  Conversation starter to slice up and enjoy!

This variety is sold out from our Fall 2016 harvest!

Open Gate Tour 10/15/17

Open Gate Tour 10/15/17