Asian Pear Recipes

Chefs and gourmets both locally and nationwide have showcased our Asian Pear’s unique character in many fine desserts, salads and entrees. When you purchase our delicious boxes of Pennsylvania grown Asian Pears, you too will enjoy this farm-to-table culinary experience with our Asian Pears or other gourmet offerings from our orchard. Enjoy cooking with our many delicious Asian Pear recipes!


A very welcome sight arrived on my birthday. We have you to thank for introducing us to Asian Pears which I now frequently use in my cooking and when we entertain!   --Jane, Bucks County, PA 

How to Use Asian Pears

Cooked Asian Pears

An Asian Pear (also known as a Japanese pear) is not only rounder than a European variety that we're accustomed to, it's also a lot older and boasts a flavor profile that's a lot deeper, making it much sweeter. For those of use with discerning tastebuds, our pear varieties have slightly different flavors that create subtle differences in recipes.

JunoSan is one of the earliest Asian Pear varieties to ripen each Fall. Inside are the unique and complex flavors combine the subtlety of Bartlett pear, the sweetness of Honeycrisp apple and just a touch of tartness, not unlike Mandarin orange.

AnaSan has a subtle aroma of outdoors and delectable flavors of melon and spice. AnaSan is tremendously juicy with honey-like sweetness. The smooth skin of this globe-shaped Asian Pear is the rich shade of pumpkin pie with pale yellow flecks.

New Pear is a sweet reminder of summer with a mellow flavor of golden raisins accented with a delicious citrusy zing. This pear is flawlessly round with luminous yellow skin freckled with charming brown lenticels or dots.

LilySan is a delicate pear that is back this year due to Mother Nature's kindness. This sweet and juicy Asian Pear has hints of bosc, madeleine, nutmeg, and quince flavors.

AnaSan is another delicious choice every season. These Asian Pears taste like watermelon drizzled with honey.

Cooked Asian Pears

The Asian Gourmet Pear as a Corporate Gift

Fruit is often associated with relationships. For example, the pineapple suggests hospitality. An apple salutes educators. Gourmet Asian pears traditionally suggest “good fortune” or “good luck”, particularly in business, one of many reasons why Subarashii Asian Pears make an excellent corporate gift during the Fall holidays of gift-giving.

The Asian Pear Is Delicious Stewed and Baked

A Dish Featuring Asian Pears

There are so many delicious dishes to make with Asian Pears available from our orchards. When cooking Asian Pears, the recipe choices that take a menu from ordinary-to-truly-spectacular are almost endless! Try this tasty, savory stir fry dish with fresh Asian Pears for dinner and end your meal by baking a fabulous Asian Pear and Banana Bake from home and kitchen icon Martha Stewart (who visited our orchards many years ago!).

Delicious whether fresh or cooked, add a touch of Asian Pear goodness to your holiday table this year with our savory and delicious Asian Pear Snow Pea Saute and try Warming Asian Pear Soup to help ward off winter's cold. So when you're ordering gift boxes for those lucky enough to be on your shopping list, don't forget to gift a box to yourself. There are so many recipes!

If you are looking for Asian Pear recipes to enhance your Labor Day celebrations, try try our locally inspired supreme sandwich, the Lehigh Valley BahnMi or a Sweet and Heat Chicken Crostini or Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Chili. If you would like to use Dried Asian Pears and reconstitute them, click the link for our method.

A delicious companion to our fresh Asian Pears, our Aged Asian Pear Vinegar is available all year-round in our pantry. For a combination of fresh pears and Aged Asian Pear Vinegar, try our Asian Pear and Wild Rice Salad recipe.

Not sure what to "pear" with the turkey this year? Wondering what to create? Asian Pear recipes are always welcome at the holiday table. A great Thanksgiving side dish is our Asian Pear Stuffing. Hearty and delicious, cooking Asian Pears in this wonderful new stuffing is something for the whole family to try.

Want to add some additional flair to your holiday menu? Try fresh Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pears in an in Asian Pear Noodle Bowl and, for a dessert recipe, Asian Pear Pie. Is your mouth watering yet?!!

Cooked Asian Pears

Cooked Asian Pears

Of course, Japanese pears taste delicious raw, but they are also scrumptious when cooked into recipes.

Here are two different quiche recipes, both of which use fresh Asian Pears. One is savory and the other is sweet.

Did you know that you can make Asian Pear fries? All you need are a few ingredients and some oil. Oh, and the recipe also includes Asian Pear steak, in case you want to make a meal of it.

Did someone say “crostini”? Here is a great recipe of ours that made the news! Sunrise Chef: Subarashii Kudamono.

Gourmet Asian Pears

Flavorful offerings from our orchards, enjoy any time of year!

From all-natural dried Asian Pears, to our unique sweet & savory Asian Pear Spread and our newest vintage of our Aged Pear Vinegar… Subarashii Kudamono has taken Asian Pears and fruit gift baskets to the next level of gourmet experiences.

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Asian Pear Spread

Asian Pear Spread

Dried Asian Pears

Dried Asian Pears

Aged Asian Pear Vinegar

Aged Asian Pear Vinegar

Gourmet Gift Box

Gourmet Boxes

Asian Pear Cake

Asian Pear Cake

So many wonderful desserts can be made with Subarashii Kudamono Asian pears. If you like cheesecakes, here is a dessert recipe for Lemon Cheesecake with Dried Asian Pear Crust uses our dried Asian Pears and will delight the entire table.

Try the Subarashii Smores, which are chock full of marshmallows, graham crackers, and our delicious Asian Pear Spread.

Here is a fun one for baking: the Subarashii Kudamono Dried Asian Pear Vanilla Brownie recipe. This one also uses our dried Asian Pears and is a great way to end a meal.

If you would like to use fresh Japanese pears, baking the Asian Pear Dumplings recipe is simple and quick.

And far be it for us to leave out the Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Tart, the pièce de resistance at the end of a delicious dinner!

Asian Pear Salad

Asian Pear Salad

For salads, the Asian Pear Slaw at Epicurious is a delicious way to accompany a meal.

A healthy summertime meal is the Subarashii Kudamono Dried Asian Pear Salad which is so easy to make, and both the salad itself and the dressing use our dried Asian Pears. You can even make this one in an office cubicle!

For the holidays, try a Citrus Salad. With grapefruits, oranges, figs, dates and Subarashii Kudamono’s dried Asian Pears, your body will thank you after all those cookies.

Asian Pear Drink

Asian Pear Drink

If you are looking to fill your body with healthy nutrition, try the Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Green Smoothie. This one can actually be made with fresh or dried Asian pears, and if you use a high-powered blender like. a Vitamix, it will need no straining.

Are you a coffee lover? Try a Pear Spiced Latte. This one takes a little love and is well worth the effort!

Here is a simple beverage recipe for the summer: when making iced tea, add 2 tablespoons of our Asian Pear Spread and sip away the heat.