Harvest Box

fresh Asian Pears from the orchard's harvest

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Harvest Box

This product is now available for pre-season ordering!

A fresh, new early harvest offering from the orchards of Subarashii Kudamono:  the Harvest Box.

Afterall, it will be Asian Pear season very soon! Welcome it with us via a novel offering from our orchards.

Hand-picked during late Summer at peak ripeness, Harvest Box Asian Pears share the distinct flavor and crisp-yet-juicy texture of our other Pennsylvania-grown fruit, making it perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to salads, meat-and-cheese-boards, or quick & healthy family snacking.  

We have three sizes of harvest boxes for you to choose from: the small box contains 3lbs of fruit, the medium has 5lbs and the large has 9lbs. Each box, filled with a medley of palm-sized brown and yellow-skinned Asian Pears is our toast to the Fall harvest!

Please note, as the supply of our single serving fruit is seasonal, we encourage you to enjoy this special offering while availability is bountiful.

Your credit card will be charged when your order ships mid-to-late August.


What makes these harvest season pears different from our traditional Subarashii Kudamono gift pears?

During the heat of Summer, accented by the cooling temps of September, many Asian Pears bob and sway from their branches in the changing breezes. This playful movement often causes their skins to rub or scuff against the tree's branches leaving small marks. These pears are often a bit smaller in stature because of where they have been growing on the tree. Regardless of their casual markings and modest sizing, these ripe fruits are wonderfully delicious inside, rich with our own orchards’ distinct flavors.  

And in keeping with our casual theme this year, Harvest Box Asian Pears are packed for shipping in a style that is simpler and more compostable.


If you love enjoying our more casual, fresh fruit at home with your friends & family this Fall, perhaps consider sending one of our wonderful Subarashii Kudamono gift boxes to out-of-town friends and family or work colleagues and clients this Holiday Season! 

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