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Gourmet Gift Box


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Sweet gift or party box for Father's Day!

Enjoy this combination gift box featuring our signature, sweety & chewy dried Asian Pears.  Paired with our favorite dried fruit is our sweet 'n savory Asian Pear spread along with a comlimentary bag of our favorite locally made pretzels.  Pretzels are ideal for dipping into our pear spread.  Grab a wedge of your favorite local cheese to pair with the dried pear to make your party platter complete.  A list of suggested styles of cheeses will be included with each box.

This gourmet gift not only makes for delicious snacking, but is a healthy alternative to share, too.  Enjoy!


Sizes: Gourmet Gift Box (medium) - US $29.99 (SK_GFT_MD)

Celebrate summer with easy snacking ideas!

Celebrate summer with easy snacking ideas!