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Dried Asian Pears, 5 lb


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Hearty gift for the health-food enthusiast. Planning on baking fruit & nut breads? Or creating a unique, healthful dish for a festive gathering?

Enjoy our dried Asian Pears, made from our Pennsylvania grown gourmet Asian Pears, as an ingredient for your menu. Or use as a healthy item to offer your guests or even share with students as part of their school meals & snacks?

Imagine incorporating our dried Asian Pears into a dish for a fabulous dinner party? Or pair with a spectacular cheese plate? We generously provide this five pound size presentation of our dried Asian Pears just for many such grand designs.

Our dried Asian Pears are All Natural and Gluten Free; they are also high in fiber and rich in lutein and have no preservatives, nor additives, nor sugars and are oil-free. This dried fruit is a wonderfully healthful ingredient to incorporate into any culinary preparation.



Sizes: 5 lb package - Dried Asian Pears - US $49.95 (SKDP-80OZ)

Celebrate summer with easy snacking ideas!

Celebrate summer with easy snacking ideas!