Dried Asian Pears, 4.2 oz

4.2 oz package - Dried Asian Pears - US $5.95 (SKDP-4.2OZ)


Simple thank you or hostess gift idea!

Gourmet Dried Asian Pears are made available to you in this charmingly petite gift pack. Perfect gift size for a wintertime treat, a house present, hotel amenity, a sweet thank you, a stocking stuffer, or a gift for your favorite cheese & wine lover.

Every Fall season we hand-craft a selection of our Asian Pears into this unique and tasty product. All Natural, there are no oils or preservatives or sugars added; plus, our dried Asian Pears are Gluten Free!

Dried Asian Pears make a healthy, delicious snack; high in fiber and full of lutein which is fantastic for your eyes. Our dried fruit is naturally sweet, soft and chewy. Wonderfully candy-like. Perfect with cheese, delicious in salads.

Our 4.2 oz gift size package = 6 servings.