dried pear brownies

Dried Asian Pear Vanilla Brownies

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Delight in a special and rare treat!  Our very unique brownies (blondies) made with our Dried Asian Pears are available for online shipping.  

This decadent dessert, all natural with no preservatives, is made with our hand-crafted dried Asian Pears mixed with brown sugar, butter, vanilla and more.

Sweet and chewy, this melts-in-your-mouth snack is a crowd pleaser.  Many of our fans find it hard to believe that these are not made with any chocolate at all, as they cleverly hint of the sensation of chocolatey gooey-goodness.

Pear brownies come uncut in a covered, aluminum baking pan approximately 11" W x 12" L x 2" H.

For those who love to bake, try our fun recipe

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!