Deluxe Gourmet Gift

Deluxe Gourmet Gift Box - US $39.99 (SK_DLX_GFT)


A gift box perfect for the at-home, Summer gathering!

Delight the man in your life with a jar of our sweetly savory Asian Pear Spread for pretzel or cheese dipping and a second jar for winter-time BBQ-ing.

Did you know Asian Pear Spread makes a great, all-natural sauce for grilling?  Our spread is particularly delicious on burgers, say good-bye to ketchup!

And to really make this gift special, we’ve included one glorious bottle of our aged Asian Pear Vinegar.  Dad, Son, or Uncle can share their inner-chef as he creates a homemade wet rub for a hearty steak or a tangy marinade for chicken.  Of course, there is ample opportunity for some salad tossin’ too!