Asian Pear (Cheese) Spread

Asian Pear Spread, 8 oz. - US $6.95 (SKSPRD-80Z)


Enjoy this sweet & savory sauce as a rub for hearty pork chops or BBQ on the grill. Terrific pretzel dipper or cheese topper, too!

Delicious thick spread made from our fresh Asian Pears.  This small-batch, cooked puree of Asian Pear is an ideal pairing with your favorite artisan or fine cheeses.

Great as a wet rub for your ham, roast pork, turkey, or other fowl. And a cleverly healthy substitute for oil or butter in your baked goods.

Looking for something new to serve during a party or gathering? Dab your cracker and piece of cheese with this spread and enjoy!  Our favorite cheeses to pair with this spread are: Smoked Cheddar,  Havarti,  Colby, Baby Swiss, Asiago, Raw Milk, or  Soft Goat Cheese.

Kids of all ages enjoy our pear spread on peanut butter sandwiches; fun for the casual gourmet lunchbox.

This 8-ounce jar of Asian Pear Spread remains delicious in your fridge for about 2 to 3 weeks after opening. Unopened, this jar lasts for at least a year or two in your pantry.

No preservatives or sugars added.