Asian Pear (Cheese) Spread

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Asian Pear Spread, 8 oz. - US $6.95 (SKSPRD-80Z)


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Enjoy this sweet & savory spread as an all natural rub on baked ham or hearty cut of steak. Terrific pretzel dipper or pair with your favorite cheese.

Delicious thick spread made from our fresh Asian Pears.  This small-batch, cooked puree of Asian Pear is an ideal pairing with your favorite artisan or fine cheeses.

Great as a wet rub for your ham, roast pork, turkey, or other fowl. And a cleverly healthy substitute for oil or butter in your baked goods.

Looking for something new to serve during a party or gathering? Dab your cracker and piece of cheese with this spread and enjoy!  Our favorite cheeses to pair with this spread are: Smoked Cheddar,  Havarti,  Colby, Baby Swiss, Asiago, Raw Milk, or  Soft Goat Cheese.

Kids of all ages enjoy our pear spread on peanut butter sandwiches; fun for the casual gourmet lunchbox.

This 8-ounce jar of Asian Pear Spread remains delicious in your fridge for about 2 to 3 weeks after opening. Unopened, this jar lasts for at least a year or two in your pantry.

No preservatives or sugars added.