The Chef Box

chef box of pears, vingear, spread and dried fruit


This product will not be available until our 2024 Fall harvest season begins.


Indulge yourself with the finest ingredients from our orchard, belov’d by chefs nationwide.  This culinary "kit" is perfect for the home chef or student of the culinary arts.


This exclusive sampling of all our orchard's ingredients includes:

- 3 fresh, crisp & juicy Asian Pears from the Fall harvest 

- a bottle of our sublime, aged Asian Pear vinegar (375 ml)

- a jar of our sweet & savory Asian Pear spread (8 oz)

- a package of our all-natural dried Asian Pears (3 oz)

- a selection of creative recipes and inspired pairing ideas included


Presented in a convenient-sized box, we invite you to explore all that our orchard has to offer.


Bon Appétit!