Aged Asian Pear Vinegar

black bottle of aged Asian Pear vinegar

Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar- Plain - US $19.00 Sorry, we are temporarily sold out of this item

This vintage is sold out!  Check back in the next few months for the release our our long-anticipated next vintage!

Drizzle your favorite salad with our hand-crafted, Aged Asian Pear Vinegar. Light, fragrant and savory.  Looking for some flare for your backyard cooking?  Drown your poultry or beef in Subarashii vinegar before slow roasting on your bbq for a sublime meal.

Aged 5 years, crafted from our fresh Asian Pear juice, blended with the juice of Pennsylvania apples...this exceptional vinegar is delicately aromatic, rich in flavor, and is uncut.

Following our culinary vision as a gourmet grower of Asian Pears, we developed this unique pear vinegar with your inner chef in mind.

Presented in a sleek black 375 ml bottle, our vinegar makes for an ideal gift to share as well. 

No preservatives.