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Aged Asian Pear Vinegar


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Vintage #2 is now available!

Aged 5 years, crafted from our fresh Asian Pear juice, this exceptional vinegar is delicately aromatic, rich in flavor and is uncut.

Following our culinary vision as a gourmet grower of Asian Pears, we developed this unique pear vinegar with the chef in mind.

We know you’ll enjoy this vinegar in an array of your own culinary preparations, or with salad, or drizzled over fresh mozzarella.

Each are presented in a sleek black 375 ml bottle with a hand-dipped wax seal.

No preservatives.

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Sizes: Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar- Plain - US $23.99 (SKVNGR-375ML)

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Celebrate summer with easy snacking ideas!