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Fresh Asian Pears:
Fruit du Jour


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This product is now available from our 2018 Harvest!

Sweet, incrediby juicy, crisp and flavorful Asian Pears are hand-picked from our beautiful Asian Pear trees each Fall Harvest season.

Hand-selected and shipped direct to your home, office or school from our Pennsylvania orchards, this gifts box of unique fruit is a wonderful way to greet the harvest months as well as the holidays that make Winter months so special. What better way to say thank you or happy holidays than with our most wonderful fruit.

Please note, when you make your purchase below, we will select the variety that our orchard crew will freshly packing for your gift.

To learn more about our diverse flavors of our fruit, visit our varieties page. Curious about our other offerings? Please visit our Shop page for our other healthful offerings.  

Visit our Artisans Choice page for details about which of our individual pear varieties available for purchase. It will be a fruitful harvest season and we are delighted to offer delicious and flavorful fruit by preference. 


Small Gift Box Fresh Asian Pears - US $22.95 (SKE-4LB)
Medium Gift Box, Fresh Asian Pears - US $32.95 (SKE-5LB)
Large Gift Box Fresh Asian Pears - US $42.95 (SKE-9LB)

Harvest 2018 has begun! Shop now for our fresh Asian Pears

Harvest 2018 has begun! Shop now for our fresh Asian Pears