Cyber CSA from Subarashii


This product has been sold out for the 2021 season.

Did you know that during the month of November, that in addition to turkey, there are dozens of fun foods being recognized?  National Donut Day, National Candy Day, Cranberry Day,  Pickle Day, Raisin Bran Cereal Day - to name a few. In celebration of casual, family-style foods recognized this month, order our 2021 limited edition Cyber CSA box of Asian Pears. 

This year, our CSA fresh fruit box is packed with one of our most eclectic varieties of Asian Pears: The SuSan.   SuSan is by far our sweetest Asian Pear and our most crunchy. Only available every few years, this decidedly rustic pear is additionally surprising as it displays a traditional “pear” shape, plus shows off a golden persimmon skin color. When you and your family feast upon these slices, you’ll discover tropical flavors including hints of pineapple - refreshing!

As the presentation of our CSA is designed for 'everyday' snacking, this non-gift style fruit box is ideal for healthy eating at home.

Don’t forget to slice and peel this pear with your family to discover the flesh of the SuSan fruit and how it shows off its signature marbleization and earthy flecking – features that hallmark the natural minerality of the shaley soil in which this fruit is artisan grown. 

So toast great fun foods this month and order Cyber CSA now as there are a limited number of these cases available (and for one week only).  Please note, your CSA boxes will ship the week of 11/8 or 11/15, selecting dates on the shipping calendar will not be valid.  Use promo code Special21 to receive 50% off Fed Ex shipping.